Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Learn all about Carlisle Floyd's OF MICE AND MEN

Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney, Jr. in the 1939 movie
As part of the Sarasota Opera 2013 Winter Festival, and as a continuation of the American Classics Series, Sarasota Opera will be presenting the opera Of Mice and Men by Carlisle Floyd based off the novella by John Steinbeck.  Premiering in 1970 at Seattle Opera, Of Mice and Men has been received worldwide to great acclaim and has become standard repertoire for opera companys today.  

Drawing from his southern roots (Carlisle Floyd was born and raised in the heart of the southern bible belt in Latta, South Carolina, and grew up around traveling preachers, revival meetings and a tight religious community) Carlisle Floyed effectively preserved Steinbecks protrayal of of two workers, George Milton and Lennie Small, struggling for work during the depression era as they puruse their collective hope of achieving their American dream of owning their own farm one day.  However, when a hard and cruel world forces them down a different path, George and Lennie are forced to say goodbye to the bright horizon they had envisioned for themselves.
This first video offers musical clips of the opera from Kentucky Opera's 2009 production of Of Mice and Men as well as a brief interview with the composer, Carlisle Floyd, in which he discusses the theme of the opera.   

Secondly, San Diego Opera and UCSD-TV forged a unique partnership to bring all the drama, excitement, passion and artistry of opera into informative videos through their program San Diego Opera Talk! with Nick Reveles.  Take a break from your day and watch this 29 minute program which includes background information, musical samples and general insight into the opera Of Mice and Men.  

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