Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Check out our own Jeff Ellis in this week's Sarasota Observer!

Jeff Ellis, our Director of Production, is featured in Backstage Pass in this week's edition of the Sarasota Observer. Here's the video (youtube) that was posted on the Observer's web site.

You can read a teaser for the story at:

Pick up a copy of the paper for the rest!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Construction of Crucible Set Continues

As the opening of La Cenerentola,this year's Fall Opera selection, approaches, set designers and builders are continuing construction of a completely new set for the premiere of Robert Ward's Pulitzer prize-winning opera, The Crucible. This Winter Festival production will feature the first set ever built 'in-house' by the Sarasota Opera technical team and marks the beginning of a new American Classics Series, designed to highlight some of America's greatest operatic contributions.

Recently, the work has been centered on the construction of the bedroom scene, which will be used in Act I, Scene 1 of the production. Yesterday morning, the team had nearly completed the bare construction of the set. By the afternoon, they had successfully completed and assembled the framework, quickly disassembling it to begin the painting process.

To the left is the image of the completed set. It is very much a work in progress, however this completed framework marks a major milestone in the construction process. 

On the right is another view of the completed bedroom structure. Although, the scenic material is now free-standing and physically complete, it must enter the decoration stage. In the photograph below, the individual components are spread across the floor of our very own William E. Schmidt Opera Theater, receiving their first coat of paint.

  Keep checking the blog for more photos and updates on the construction process!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Work continues on set for The Crucible

The crew at Sarasota Opera House continues work on building the set for our Winter Opera Festival presentation of Robert Ward's Pulitzer Prize winning opera, The Crucible, based on Arthur Miller's Tony Award winning play of the same name. The opera ushers in our ongoing American Classics Series, which will highlight great American works

Building a set is quite complicated. Here, the bedroom from Act 1, Scene 1 of this winter's production of The Crucible is nearly done. Once the "room" is completed (later today) it will be disassembled for painting!

Here, Jim Florek and Karle Murdock painting pieces of The Crucible set on the stage of the William E. Schmidt Opera Theater of the Sarasota Opera House. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Building of the Set for The Crucible

For the first time ever, the crew at Sarasota Opera is building a set for a mainstage opera, in-house! It takes a lot of room and time as well as many crew members to build a set, says our Director of Production, Jeff Ellis. When completed, this will be the set used in our Winter Festival production of Robert Ward's Pulitzer prize winning opera, The Crucible, based on Arthur Miller's Tony Award winning play of the same name. Here, on-stage, our painters apply a finish to several pieces of the set.

Below, is the "bedroom" - the walls have been put together (soon to be taken down) in our shop just to make sure it all works. Visit this blog occasionally to follow our progress with the set. Crew will be working on it regularly until we open our Fall Opera, La Cenerentola, Oct. 29. We'll resume construction after the Fall Season closes Nov. 10. Check back for more photos!