Friday, April 18, 2008

Theater Progress, November to February

Scaffolding goes up on the ground floor to allow the construction crew to plaster the underside of the balcony. The stage, poured at the top of November, will be ready for the Opening of Rigoletto in just 120 days.

Lifts work on stage while plastering continues both under and above the balcony.

drywall, plastering, and base painting are complete.

The theater takes on a warmer tone after many hours of work by the decorative painting crew.

A new coat of paint drys on the floor, while the Surtitle screen from Figaro Systems is prepared for installation on the stage.

Boxes of seats are moved into the theater.

Arms for all the seats are installed throughout the theater before the first seat is placed.

The seats are almost complete in the balcony and halfway done in the orchestra. Seat installation was completed just two weeks ahead of the grand opening on March 1, 2008!

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