Sunday, July 1, 2007

Renovation Recap #1: Red Carpet Weekend

Since we have thousands of photos from the past few months, I though it would be best to dedicate the next few posts to recapping some highlights of the renovation to date.

On March 3-4, 2007 Sarasota Opera threw a weekend long celebration to mark the closing of the Opera House for renovations. The events culminated on the evening of March 4 with a special dinner for leading supporters of the Building on the Vision campaign, followed by the Spring Gala Concert. The concert showcased music from throughout the history of Sarasota Opera's life in the Opera House and concluded with a stage breaking in front of the capacity crowd. To cap the evening, everyone returned to the tent in front of the Opera House for one final toast!

L to R: Place settings at the RCW dinner, guests under the tent, Executive Director Susan Danis welcoming everyone to the celebration

L to R: Maestro Victor DeRenzi getting ready to break the stage as patrons look on, Singers and donors join in a final performance of Verdi's "Va, pensiero", Harvey Hinrich takes a swing at the stage while Virginia Toulmin and board member Betsy Hinrichs look on.

L to R: Stage Director Stephanie Sundine at the Afterglow Party, Mattison's bananas Foster flambe crepe station, Board member John Elliott

Photos all taken by Pat Hansberry and Melanie Mckeever.

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